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NJ Turnpike Contract No. T100.321

Rehabilitation of Structure Nos. N6.49, N6.80E and N6.80W

Shop and Working Drawing Preparation



We will begin preparing all the applicable shop and working drawings immediately upon being notified that Anka Painting will be awarded the painting work on NJTA T100.321. The items below will be the responsibility of Anka Painting Co.

Provided within 14 days:
Provided within 30 days:
Throughout Contract:
  • Insurances §106.20

  • Traffic Permit §801.03

  • NJTA Lane Closing Safety Video Sign-in §802.03A

  • Qualifications of Personnel §411.06(B)

  • HAZWOPER Certificate §104.06

  • Worker Training Records, App.1

  • Manufacturer's Certification §411.06(N)(1)(g)

  • Supplier List §107.03

  • Pollution Control Plan §107.03, §411.09(N), App. 2

  • Environmental Compliance Plan §411.06(F)

  • Spill Response Plan §411.06(G)

  • Quality Assurance Plan §411.06(C)

  • Surface Preparation and Painting Plan §107.03, §411.01(A), §411.06(D), §411.09(F)

  • Contingency Plan and Emergency Procedures, App. 3

  • Emergency Plan §411.06(I)

  • Lead Health & Safety Plan §411.06(E), App. 1

  • HAZMAT Disposal Plan §411.06(M), 411.09(N), §411.09(U), App. 2

  • Restricted Area Plan, §411.06(L), 411.09(P), 411.09(Q)

  • Weather Monitoring Plan §411.06(K), §411.09(D)

  • Fire Safety Plan §411.06(J), §411.09(U)

  • Chloride Remediation Procedure §411.09(F)

  • Visual Standards Location §411.09(B)

  • Proposed Debris Liner for Waste

  • Procedure for Pack Rust Removal

  • Other applicable catalog cuts

  • Coating Repair Procedure

  • Protection of Utilities Procedure

  • TMA Truck Certifications

  • Certified Payroll Records

  • SBE Participation/EEO/NGIP Reports

  • Insurance Renewals

  • Progress Photographs

  • Medical Surveillance Program, Bloodwork §411.09(O), App. 1

  • Pre-Operation/Manufacturer's Inspection Results, §411.09(X)(5)

  • Coating Materials Certificates of Conformance 411.07(D)(1)(a)

  • Containment, Access and Scaffolding Inspections

  • Quality Control Documentation

  • Coating Material Storage Temperature Records

  • Waste Disposal Records (Manifest) Note: Original Waste Manifests Are Sent Directly to the NJTA

  • Worker Exposure Records

  • NJDCA Lead Notification Notices

  • TSP/PM-10 Air Monitoring Results (air quality)

  • Tool-box Safety Talks

  • Partial Payment Requests w/as-builts

  • Containment System §411.06(H), 411.09(I)

  • Paint System (Color Draw-down Samples) §411.06(N), 411.07(B), 411.08, 411.09

  • Blast Medium Samples & Certification §411.07

  • Certificate of Compatibility, Caulk-Paint System

  • Noise Control Plan/Barrier

  • Staging Area Layout and Access Plan

  • Conrail Access Plan & Procedures

  • PATH Access Plan & Procedures

  • NJTRO-HBLR Access Plan & Procedures

  • Cold Weather Heating Plan

  • Employee Safety/Training Records

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