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NJ Turnpike Contract No. T100.321

Rehabilitation of Structure Nos. N6.49, N6.80E and N6.80W

Repair Structural Steel, Type A-G, J, M

0087-0095   4R11RSS-4R17RSS, 4R19RSS, 4R22RSS


Steel Strengthening, Type A-F

0101-0110   4R01SST-4R10SST

Replace Rivets w/High Strength Bolts


  1. Anka Painting will (1) lead-abate repair and strengthening location

  2. Anka Painting will then clean the faying (bolted connection surface) and apply a Slip-Coefficient Class B zinc primer

  3. Steel subcontractor fabricator will prepare all new steel with a shop applied zinc primer

  4. Steel is installed

  5. Anka Painting will return to clean and paint per the specification

  • Strengthening locations will require full containment for SSPC SP-6 (Commercial Blast Cleaning) followed by the Slip-Coefficient Class B zinc primer for the bolted connections. These localized blast locations can have zero lead emissions

  • Anka will tool/mobilize a crew to specifically focus on the strengthening locations since HWE deck removal cannot proceed until all diaphragms are installed

  • Anka will coordinate directly with the steel subcontractor to get the work expedited to facilitate the deck work

  • Anka will install and maintain local MPT with Jersey City PD coordination to complete the lead-abatement and painting work

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