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NJ Turnpike Contract No. T100.321

Rehabilitation of Structure Nos. N6.49, N6.80E and N6.80W

Repainting Steelwork, No. 1-3

0044-0047 4K01RPS-4K03RPS


§411.09(F)(5) - Pack-rust will have to be completely removed and disposed of prior to performing any surface preparation. Anka Painting removed approximately 800lbs of pack-rust per 5,500 SF last year while cleaning and painting N7.13 HWE. Abrasive blasting does not remove pack-rust.

§411.09(F)(2) - Prior to abrasive blasting, the steel must be tested for chlorides and other contaminants.


§411.09(F)(4) - The steel will be abrasive blast cleaned to an SSPC SP-10/NACE No. 2 standard with a G40-G50 recyclable steel grit to achieve a 2.0 to 3.5 mil surface profile.


§411.08(A) - The blasted surface will then receive 3.0-4.0 mils of a PPG high-performance zinc-rich primer after the ambient conditions are measured and confirmed acceptable.


§411.09(I)(8) - A coating of penetrating sealer will be expected by the Engineer on all areas of removed pack rust, gaps created by back-to-back angles and steel surfaces in contact with the deck.


§411.09(I)(9) - A contrasting color intermediate stripe coat will be required on all edges, angles, connections, rivets, bolts, bolt threads, corners, crevices, welds, back-to-back angles and other surface irregularities once the penetrating sealer has cured. The Engineer will require the use of brush only for the stripe coat.


§411.08(A) - A full contrasting color intermediate coat applied to 4.0-8.0 will follow after the stripe coat has cured.


Although not a specification requirement, Anka Painting, at its own expense, will stripe coat the finish coat to ensure every inch of the bridge is coated properly. This will ensure a successful final inspection.


§411.08(A) - The finish coat will be applied to 2.0-3.0 mils immediately following to finish stripe coat application.


Anka Painting will inspect every square inspection of the completed coating system to avoid 'missed spots' after the finish coat has cured and prior to requesting final inspection. Coating breaks will be corrected and all the quality control documentation compiled prior to requesting the inspection.

You can rest assured you're getting what you paid for, and there will be no surprises at the 1-year anniversary inspection after the project is complete.

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