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Passaic Valley Water Commission Contract #13-B-5

Great Falls Bridge Rehabilitation and Repainting

Paterson, NJ

Duration of Project:

  • Work Started: March 2013

  • Wok Completed: June 2013


Steel Configuration

  •  Historic iron arch structure over the Paterson Great Falls


Scope of Work

  • Abrasive blasting cleaning to NACE No. 2/SSPC SP-10 (Near-White Blasting Cleaning) and the application of an Organic Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer, Epoxy Intermediate and Aliphatic Urethane Finish (Prime Coat, Intermediate Stripe Coat, Intermediate Full Coat, Finish Coat).

  • Repair/retrofit 246'-00" LF of bridge railing

  • Jack structure to remove and replace existing timber cross members

  • Miscellaneous steel repairs and retrofits throughout stucture

  • Working in a constant 'wet' environment

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