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Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority

Rehabilitation, Repainting, Repair and Disinfection of the

2.4MG Water Storage Tank

Duration of Project:

  • Work Started: May 2017

  • Wok Completed: July 2017


Steel Configuration

  • 100'-00" diameter by 41'-00" tall 2.5MG water storage tank


Scope of Work

  • Abrasive blasting clean exterior to NACE No. 3/SSPC SP-6 (Commercial Blast) and interior to NACE No. 2/SSPC SP-10 (Near-White Blast) and the application of a Sherwin Williams high-performance coating system to both the interior and exterior, including a 30MIL epoxy lining

  • Miscellaneous concrete repairs

  • Miscellaneous steel repairs

  • Remove and replace vent pallet

  • Modify roof railing system

  • Remove and replace shell manhole gaskets and bolts

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