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NJ Turnpike Contract No. T100.321

Rehabilitation of Structure Nos. N6.49, N6.80E and N6.80W

Containment, Environmental and Work Protection



Anka Painting Co. will install, maintain and dismantle various types of containment systems depending on the work location and containment requirements.

  • Steel strengthening locations on the HWE will require localized containments to facilitate abrasive blasting of the faying areas. Repair in this direction may fall within those contains, or Anka will utilize lower level containment methods if outside those limits

  • Steel repairs that fall within the HWE/HEW roadway will either be localized containments or platform access

  • Bearing replacement locations will be localized containments for lead abatement

  • Structural steel (steel support for drainage) will be localized containments for lead abatement

  • Full abrasive blasting and repainting will vary throughout the structure depending on the location. Anka Painting will either utilize a full platform design, or a bridge-to-grade design to minimize cost

** §411.06(H) Our pricing includes all the necessary NJ PE Stamped designs, platform & containment certifications, ventilation designs & calculations, monthly inspections and the applicable environmental and work protection requirements (Spec, State and Federal)

** §411.06(I) - Anka Painting rigging crews will be available within 2 hours to be on-site to repair, modify or remove containment/structure components in the events of an emergency, result of an accident, bad weather forecast, or other applicable situations. No separate payment will be required for these contingencies.

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