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NJ Turnpike Contract No. T100.321

Rehabilitation of Structure Nos. N6.49, N6.80E and N6.80W

Elastomeric Bearings, Type 1-3

0041-0043   4H156LEB-4H158LEB

Seismic Isolation Bearings, Type 1-7

0115-0121   4ZN01SI-4ZN07SI



  • Anka will lead abate temporary bearing stiffeners (if required), bearings, jacking frame connection locations and other appurtenances.

  • Anka will coordinate with the steel subcontractor to get these locations ready for the bearing replacement operations.

  • Anka will utilize GC/ironworker's access at these locations to reduce costs.

**The painter will be responsible for shielding/protecting the bearing assemblies during abrasive blasting/cleaning activities to prevent damaging the bearings.** Anka Painting utilizes heavy thickness rubber membrane. The cost for this work will be included in the Repaint item.

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